Purple Heart Recipients

Have you ever thought about who the purple heart recipients really are?  We all know what the purple heart is?  An award given to those who have been wounded or killed in battle since 1932.  Interestingly enough, there are some who have been given the Purple Heart Medal retroactively for their sacrifice before the start of the 1932 commemoration of the medal.  However, these retroactive requests will only go back to 1917 around the time of the first World War.

Who really are the Purple Heart Recipients?

This is a very difficult questions to answer.  There have been almost 2 million purple heart recipients over the past century.  Of course, as we go back in history, we do not have access to these documents to the limited access of computers at that time.  Add in the 1973 archives fire that destroyed a large number of record requests and you have a guess as good as mine to get an accurate picture of the purple heart recipients.  Either way, there are still ways in which we can find out who the true purple heart recipients really are today.  Do you have a family member who deserves the purple heart?  Check out the tools.

Purple Heart Recipient Tools

There are a few Purple Heart Recipient tools available today.  At least two that I know of.  The first is the Legacy of the Heart Recipients which is an online tool to help you find public records on Purple Heart Recipients of the past.  Another good tool is a list of recipients that have been posted to the purple Heart Wiki where you can find this here.

Anything Else

The Purple Heart is a very honorable military award that can not really be tracked.  However, the Purple Heart Recipient that received the award is honorable, truthful, and courageous for their military service.  If they have a purple heart medal in their possession, then give them the respect that they deserve as a purple heart recipient.

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