Purple Heart Pick Up

Are you in need of a Purple Heart Pick Up?  Let’s face it.  American’s have ALOT of STUFF!  And as Americans, we buy more and more every year.  What do we do with our used clothing, electronics, and eve our used Cars?  Well, why not put them to good use and schedule a:

Purple Heart Pick Up

That’s right.  It’s fast and easy to schedule a Purple Heart pickup.  The Purple Heart Association is a charitable 501C organization that turn your STUFF into money for their organization.  How easy is it to schedule a Purple Heart Pick up?

#1:  Reach out to the Purple Heart Association

The first thing you need to do is get in touch with the Purple Heart Donations department at the Purple Heart Association.  You can either do this online, check the references on the right, or reach out to one of the main Purple Heart address here.  They would love to point you in the right direction for a donation whether it be clothing, appliances, boats, or cars.

#2:  Schedule the Purple Heart Pick Up

When would you like the purple heart to pick up your stuff?  This process is very easy.  Just get all your items together and let them know what you are looking to donate.  They will send a truck, a UPS box, or even a tow truck in the case of a car donation to your home.  Sometimes, they can send the pick up within 24-48 hours of your phone call.

#3:  Get Your Items Ready for the Purple Heart Pick Up

If you have a box, a bag, or anything that you can use to combine all the items together, that would be helpful.  You can place them outside (you don’t need to be home for this), or point the driver in the right direction of the stuff.  The driver will come and pick up the items quickly at your home.  They will leave you a donation receipt for the equipment given so that you can take a tax deduction on your taxes.  Please check with your CPA on this.

Purple Heart Pick Up


Any Purple Heart Donations are gratefully accepted.  Why toss out that old stuff that you have lying around?  Please give it to someone in need such as the Purple Heart recipients.   They are a very efficient organization that would love to pick up your old stuff.  Why not schedule a Purple Heart Pick Up today?


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