Purple Heart Donations

Purple Heart DonationsAre you looking to make purple heart donations?  Why would you consider requesting a purple heart pick up in your town, or contribute to veterans online?  Well let me explain who the recipients of the purple hearts really are?

Think for a moment as you sit back and relax on your comfy chair.  You have the ability to search the web whenever, and however you want.  You have freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and many other freedoms that are extremely rare when you look around the world.  Oh, by the way, we speak ENGLISH too.  These freedoms were not all free.  They actually did come with a price many, many years ago.  And the price was from the young men and women veterans that have been sent, hurt and killed in battle.  Now think again of your fathers, brothers, sons and now daughters.  Your family could have been included in the price of war.  I firmly believe that one day there will be no need for war ever again, but for our past, many were sent into battle for your freedoms that you enjoy in this world.

So for the many veterans that were either hurt, or have died in combat there was a small token of merit that was presented to them in the form of a purple heart.  Feel free to examine the history of the Purple Heart Medal, but for now it was originally established in World War I.  Yes, to them it was a great honor to receive such a special merit for what they have done.  But can that purple heart pick up the pieces back home and help the family.  No.  That is why purple heart donations is critical to these soldiers.

Think of that friends.  Think of the pain and suffering that these war veterans went through in combat and at home.  Would the amvets pick up where they left off when they came back to the states?  Some lost limbs, and it was difficult for them to get a job and survive even though they were the breadwinners for the home.  Or what about those killed in action?  How would the family survive the ordeal?  It’s hard enough to loose a father, or a son, but to be left destitute without income for the family is an ongoing struggle.

That’s where the purple heart donations come in.

The purple heart donations provide those families with additional resources to thank them for the service that they have performed.  Would you like to make purple heart donations in your area?  If so, we would be happy to schedule a pickup today.